Halal India has forged a close relationship with Islamic certification bodies from around the world to create a network for the purpose of exchanging views on the Halal industry. Halal India, as one of the global leaders in Halal certification, conducts audits and monitor the recognized Islamic certification bodies. The division also facilitates and coordinates meetings with Islamic Regulation Council around the world to ensure harmonization within the Halal regulatory environment

The Halal India policies are constantly reviewed and changed to keep up with the global trends due to the importance of integrity in producing halal products and services. standards, which provide a foundation, are regularly developed in accordance to the relevance in the halal industry while existing standards are updated.

Certification applies to enterprises seeking a Halal India license for its practice, overseen by the Halal India Integrity division. The team works to improve the certification process and provide product and premise certification services. At the same time, it monitors and handles abuse in Halal certification tactfully and professionally in support of developing the industry