Every traveller, when moving out from his country of residence and visiting a foreign land hopes to find accommodation, facilities, and services which are Halal certified. We certify following services as part of Halal Friendly Tourism Halal Food with full Assurance (Halal Certified Food by a competent Halal Authority) Prayer Hall in the Hotel or building Premises Qibla direction pasted or signified in the room to ascertain the direction of prayer Prayer Mats Local Prayer timings list Copy of Quran Ramadan related Services

Halal tourism is a subcategory of tourism which is geared towards Muslim families who abide by rules of Islam. To cater to this growing segment of the tourism industry, travel agencies, hotels, airports, restaurants, and other destinations are seeing the financial benefits of providing for the strictest observers of Islamic Law. The hotels in such destinations do not serve alcohol and have separate swimming pools and spa facilities for men and women. Malaysia, Turkey and many more countries are trying to attract Muslim tourists from all over the world offering facilities in accordance with the religious beliefs of Muslim tourists. The Halal tourism industry also provides flights where no alcohol or pork products are served, prayer timings are announced, and religious programs are broadcast as part of entertainment offered on board. Some hotels are completely smoke and alcohol-free, while others provide alcohol-free sections. Many hotel kitchens are becoming Halal food certified. The consumption of properly prepared food is vital to practicing Muslims. Pork is forbidden meat. Certifications must take that into account. Many restaurants in these tourist resort areas are serving completely Halal compliant foods. Other hotels and resorts provide separate areas for men and women including prayer rooms, pools, and even beach access.