Step 1: Identify the type of Halal Certification

Identify the type(s) of Halal Certification Scheme Applicable to the nature of your business.

  • Industrial Scheme
  • Restaurant Scheme
  • Food, Beverage and Catering Scheme
  • Abattoir Scheme
  • Warehouse and Storage Scheme
  • Product Endorsement Scheme
  • Halal Friendly Tourism
  • Halal Friendly Medical Tourism
  • Halal Friendly Shop
Step 2: Certification Requirements

Before submitting the Halal application, ensure that your company complies with these general certification requirements:

  • Halal Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Staffing Requirements
Step 3: Submit Application

Submit your New or Renewal Application via e-Halal India System(ehis) at www.halalindia.co.in.If you are submitting a new application, ensure that you pay the application fees.

  • Eating Establishment Scheme
  • Product Scheme
  • Food Catering Scheme
  • Poultry Abattoir Scheme
  • Storage Facility Scheme
  • Endorsement Scheme
Step 4: Approval
  • Upon approval of your application, You will receive your Halal Certificate(s) from Halal India.
  • Ensure that your company complies with the Halal Certification Terms & Conditions at all times.
  • Periodic inspections will be conducted at your premises without prior notice.