Halal is an Arabic word which means "lawful or permissible" .Halal Products are" universal" products not only suitable for Muslims consumption, but also for everyone, including non Muslims. For food products, Halal also means high quality, hygienic, safe, 'honest' and having high concern for animal welfare.


Halal Certification

Halal certification tells Muslims that their ingredients and production methods have been tested and declared permissible by a certification body.It also allows companies to export products to most Middle Eastern countries and South East Asian Countries.

Halal India

Halal India Pvt Ltd, we are pleased to introduce ourselves as an Independent Certification body which is recognized by the Government of India. Deals in Permitted (Halal) Food, Cosmetics , Drugs, Research Work, offering Halal Certification and Diploma courses , Issuing of Halal Compliance Certification, Independent Auditing, Corporate Training , Awareness Programs and Monitoring Product Compositions services as per the Shariah Law (Islamic Law) comprising of renowned Islamic scholars.

We have incorporated the latest pattern of Certification process with Global standard in Formulating, Designing, Scheduling and implementing the entire system of Halal Certification process. In doing so we have an established and thriving State of the Art Technology Laboratory with full fledged Call Centre facility, SMA services with 24 hours Hotline at your services at all time.

Our Services

Halal Certification
(Food/Cosmetics & Pharmaceutical)
Food Hygienic Process
Permitted Food Training & Awareness
Food Expo / Road Shows
International Consulting Services and
F&B Quality Standards

Our Strength

- Associate Member Of International Halal Integrity Alliance(IHIA)
- Global Partner with Intertek Testing Services
- Recognised by 57 OIC(Organisation of Islamic Conference)Countries
- Registered with the Government of India

Halal India Certification Benefits

a) Halal India Academy : A series of workshops and training sessions all over India for Halal awareness, training & compliance.
b) Halal India Directory : 1st Indian on-line sourcing platform of Halal products & services for Halal buyers all over the world.
c) Halal India Brand : A series of workshops and training sessions all over India for with the aim to develop the ”HALAL INDIA" brand label as a symbol of Good Quality product.
d) Halal India Update : E-News, focused on issues and developments related to Halal industry in India and the world.
e) Halal India Green Pages : Annual publication to be printed after a year with a comprehensive database of Indian buyers and suppliers of Halal products & services.
f) Halal India Global Expo : An International showcase to assist India and Global Halal buyers and suppliers in procurement and supply of Halal products